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PhylomeDB is a public database for complete catalogs of gene phylogenies (phylomes). It allows users to interactively explore the evolutionary history of genes through the visualization of phylogenetic trees and multiple sequence alignments. Moreover, phylomeDB provides genome-wide orthology and paralogy predictions which are based on the analysis of the phylogenetic trees. The automated pipeline used to reconstruct trees aims at providing a high-quality phylogenetic analysis of different genomes, including Maximum Likelihood tree inference, alignment trimming and evolutionary model testing.

PhylomeDB includes also a public download section with the complete set of trees, alignments and orthology predictions, as well as a web API that faciliates cross linking trees from external sources. Finally, phylomeDB provides an advanced tree visualization interface based on the ETE toolkit, which integrates tree topologies, taxonomic information, domain mapping and alignment visualization in a single and interactive tree image. 

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January 16, 2017 - 17:32

800px-Car_fire_6.24.2004-1.jpgHave you ever put a running laptop on your lap for a long time? If you were running something computationally heavy, like a complex simulation for your scientific work or a relatively fancy videogame, the computer would have heated quite quickly. Similarly, it is not advisable to check a motor engine if you have been driving before, just like it is not a good idea to touch a light bulb that has been on for one hour - at least the old ones. Even a machine that is made to keep stuff cold, like a fridge or air conditioner,...

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