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On the main browser of PhylomeDB several general options can be found.

Collections: Here you can access the page of phylome Collections. They are thoroughly explained in the Obtaining information in phylomeDB section.

All phylomes: This option will lead to a page where all publicly available phylomes are stored. A more in depht explanation can be found in the Obtaining information in phylomeDB section.

Downloads: All the data stored in PhylomeDB can be downloaded in text files from the download area. 

Help: The Help tab links directly to the user manual which has been written to help new users understand how PhylomeDB works and the best way in which to use it.

FAQ: The Frequently Asked Questions comprise all the questions we believe a user may have when trying to use phylomeDB and their answers. This part is updated as new questions come up.

About: The last tab offers information on the PhylomeDB: members, contact information, how to cite phylomeDB,…